The Coalition Egypt Ban Plastic:

Press Release

17 July 2019

Recently, we witnessed great progress of initiatives working towards the banning of single-use plastic bags.

As per June 2019, Egypt’s Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah has decided to ban disposable plastic bags in the Governorate followed by the suggestion of the Egyptian parliamentarian Anissa Hassouna to ban single-use plastic bags nationwide aiming to protect endangered species and marine life as well as human health and the environment from the impact of plastic. Furthermore, the Head of the Industry Committee Mohammed Farag announced to initiate a draft law on the banning of single use plastic bags.

Following these recent developments, the Coalition Egypt Ban Plastic has been established on the 4th of July by several NGOs, businesses, start-ups and artists during a meeting with a unified objective to support the policymakers’ aim to ban single-use plastic bags in Egypt. 

We, the Coalition Egypt Ban Plastic are determined to raise awareness on the impact of plastic consumption and plastic alternatives among consumers, retailers and manufacturers in Egypt aiming to provide the public with researched educational content on plastic consumption.

As part of our Coalition and in order to support the policymakers’ aim on banning single-use plastic bags in Egypt, we have formed an education, a campaigning and a research and development committee.

The Ministry of Environment represents the main role of spreading awareness between its citizens. We ensure its support of the different initiatives aiming to protect the environment. 

In addition, we welcome any efforts, suggestions or initiatives supporting the ban of single-use plastic bags and providing alternatives.