Invitation for a press conference on Tuesday 22 January 2013, 11:30 a.m.


17 January 2013

"25 January 2013: The Revolution Two Years On.. Injustice Continues"

State crimes remain unpunished: the Interior Ministry is above the law

and the Public Prosecution is missing in action


As part of EIPR’s campaign to assess the performance of the Police and the Public Prosecution two years after the January revolution, a press conference will be convened on Tuesday, 22 January, at 11:30 am at the EIPR office: 6 Dar al-Shifa St. (formerly Abd al-Latif Bultiya), Garden City.


On 25 January 2011, crowds of angry Egyptians took to the streets sending a clear message to the police on their national holiday, that "we will no more accept oppression". Now, two years after the January revolution, it seems that the state and the police still use the same repressive methods that were used prior to the revolution. No genuine reform took place to restore the police system its true mission in safeguarding citizens’ dignity, maintaining security and achieving justice. Police abuses remain systematic, and the same laws and policies govern the work of policemen. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution continues to act in a way that facilitates impunity for police personnel and hinders accountability.

Throughout the second half of January 2013, EIPR is releasing a series of papers and reports on the performance of the police and the Public Prosecution, as well as the trial of the ex-president and his senior aides. All of these point to a pattern of state crimes, and the unjustified and illegal use of force and weapons, in a context of impunity and lack of accountability for crimes committed both during the first 18 days of the revolution and throughout the past two years.

During the press conference relevant publications will be presented and the floor will be open for further discussion in the context of this campaign.


N.B. Instant Translation to/from English will be provided during the press conference.


For inquiries, please call EIPR: 2793-3371/2/3