For the second time since his remand: Patrick is moved to a new detention facility in Mansoura


25 February 2020

On Monday 24 February 2020, Patrick Zaki was moved for the second time since his legal detention period began, from Talkha Police Station to Mansoura Public Prison. The Public Prosecutor had previously decided to remand Patrick for 15 further days on his scheduled detention renewal hearing (which took place on Saturday the 22nd of February). He was subsequently transferred from the prosecutor’s office to Talkha Police Station, but his family was surprised to learn yesterday the 24th of February that he was moved to Mansoura Public Prison.

On the 25th of February, EIPR’s lawyers filed a request to the prosecution for an exceptional visit for the family and his lawyer, but the prosecution refused to grant leave for an exceptional visit before the completion of the period known as “placement” (or intake and quarantine) in Egyptian Prisons Regulations, when prisoners are not allowed outside visits.