Start of Social Dialog sessions on Comprehensive Health Insurance Bill with Participation of EIPR

Press Release

7 August 2014

Minister of Health Adel al-Adwi inaugurated the first meeting for social dialog on the comprehensive health insurance bill and its application mechanisms on Tuesday, 5 August 2014 at the headquarters of the Specialized National Councils. In attendance were Dr. Ibrahim Badran, the former health minister and president of the health committee in the Specialized National Councils, Dr. Mamdouh Gabr, the president of the Red Crescent, as well as members of the technical committee that drafted the law, which included civil society groups, among them Dr. Alaa Ghanem with the EIPR and Ilham al-Mirghani with the Association for Health and Environmental Development, and representatives of some political parties, the relevant professional syndicates, ministry leaders, and several experts.

It was agreed to hold a social debate based on the plan drafted by representatives of the Dialog Administration Committee in recognition of the importance of discussion in creating a genuine social consensus for the law. The minister, Dr. Adawi, stated that he supports any amendments to the bill that societal representatives believed necessary to reach a consensual document prior to its submission to the next parliament.

Dr. Adawi stated that the goal of the new system was to ensure the realization of the right to health enshrined in the constitution and guarantee social justice as advocated by the revolution.

Attendees agreed that the importance of drafting the law was that it was good preparation for its application, with the participation of all relevant parties to it in the transitional phase.

Dr. Adawi also thanked members of the committee that framed the new comprehensive health insurance bill and lauded their efforts in drafting it.