EIPR files complaint with Public Prosecutor asking for investigation into the Qanater incident: Shaker died in the Qanater police station and his uncle killed when fired on as he waited for his nephew’s body

Press Release

10 November 2013

On 2 November 2013, the EIPR filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor asking for a speedy investigation into the death of Shaker Mohamed Shaker in the Qanater police station. The station chief failed to execute an order from the Public Solicitor to provide healthcare to the deceased, who died on 23 September when his health condition deteriorated.

The complaint also asked for an immediate investigation into the killing of Ahmed Mohamed Sadeq Atallah, the uncle of the deceased, who was killed in front of the Qanater General Hospital when Shaker’s body was moved from the police station to the hospital, after gunfire was used to disperse Shaker’s family from in front of the hospital.

The case began in September 2013 when Shaker was arrested on felony charges. As he suffered from a serious heart disease, his family asked the chief of the Qanater police station and the Qanater prosecutor’s office to bring him before the forensic physician or transfer him to the hospital for the appropriate medical treatment. Their request went unanswered.

On 21 September, Shaker’s family petitioned the Benha public solicitor’s office to move him to a hospital for treatment, as his health was deteriorating. The Public Solicitor approved the request and ordered the health inspector to visit the victim in jail to determine whether his condition required hospitalization or if he could receive treatment in prison. Although the order was sent in writing to the chief of the Qanater police station on 21 September 2013, the station chief officer refrained from executing it. Due to the lack of appropriate medical care, Shaker’s condition deteriorated and he died on 23 September 2013.

Shaker’s body was moved the same day from the police station to the Qanater General Hospital. To prevent his family from gathering in front of the facility, random gunfire was used to disperse his assembled relatives from the area. During the tumult, Ahmed Mohamed Sadeq Atallah, Shaker’s uncle, was shot and killed.

The EIPR asked that the investigation be transferred to the office of the Public Prosecutor out of concern for the lives of witnesses and possible coercion or intimidation by Qanater police and to ensure a speedy and diligent investigation.