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Press Release23 Apr 2006

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) today announced that the Interior Ministry has released Islamic scholar Metwalli Ibrahim Metwalli after spending nearly three years in administrative detention under the Emergency Law for the reli

Press Release8 Aug 2005

The EIPR's Right to Privacy Program has documented at least 54 lawsuits involving citizens who have had to resort to courts because of an arbitrary refusal by the Interior Ministry's Civil Affairs Department to recognize their religious affiliations by printing them on their identity cards.

Press Release23 Jun 2005

El-Derini was arrested at his house on 22 March 2004 as part of a larger campaign of arrests that targeted a number of Egyptian Shi'a Muslims. While all the other detainees were released at a later stage, El-Derini has been in custody for 15 months now without ever being charged or even referred to prosecution.