AFTE and EIPR submit two requests to the prosecution to investigate Ayman Hadhoud’s death

Press Release

19 May 2022

Today, the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights submitted two requests to Nasr City prosecution, to resume it investigations in case No. 738 of 2022, regarding economic researcher Ayman Hadhoud’s death incident inside Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital.

The first request demanded downloading the security cameras in several locations linked to the statements of the Ministry of Interior from one side, and Hadhoud’s brother testimony from the other side, as the two organizations demanded to download security cameras at Maraashly street in Zamalek from 10:30 pm on February 5 until the morning of February 6, the period -in which Omar Hodhoud reported his brother's disappearance- specifically the installed cameras that monitor the entrance to property 15A, the property from which Hodhoud was arrested for allegedly attempting to rob an apartment, according to the Ministry of Interior’s statement. 

In addition to this, unloading the security cameras of the Qasr al-Nil and Amiriya police stations between February 6 and February 17, inside the corridors and outside the gates of the two police stations, and inside the men’s detention room and the detainees’ waiting room, as well as unloading the security cameras inside the corridors and outside the gates of Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital and inside the men’s ward and outside the gate and fence of the hospital’s forensic medicine unit, from February 13 till March 5, 2020. 

The second request was to include the files of Case No. 672 of 2022 (Qasr El Nil Misdemeanors) regarding accusing Hadhoud of attempting to rob an apartment. Subsequently, Hodhoud was hospitalized at Abbasiya Mental Health Hospital, to Case No. 738 of 2022 (Nasr City Administrative); as they share facts related to the same person.  

In last April 24, AFTE and EIPR submitted a request to the head of the Nasr City Public Prosecution of a civil claim, in Case No. 738 of 2022 (Nasr City Administrative) on behalf of Omar Mohamed Hadhoud, the economic researcher Ayman Hadhoud’s brother. 

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights call on the prosecution to conduct a serious investigation regarding Ayman Hodhoud’s death incident, starting from his enforced disappearance and being subjected to investigation by the National Security, and leaving his corpse for over a month without informing his relatives of any information about him, according to the joint statement issued by the human rights organizations.